Welcome to the STEM page for Court Moor School

Court Moor has always been active in supporting the technical strengths of our students.

STEM is a nationwide initiative to get more young people into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

To support this and recognising the importance of these fields to our students, parents and the wider community, Court Moor now as a specialist STEM co-ordinator, in order to maximise the opportunities available for our students and add in some joined up thinking.

If you have any ideas just contact me.


Mrs Catherine Gregson BEng (Hons)

"After 10 years designing spacecraft, airplane and missile parts, I moved into teaching. Having taught all the STEM subjects I am ideally placed to bring all these together."

Future Events

Royal Aeronautical Society Lecture Programme 2016/17
BAE Systems, RAF & Royal Navy Roadshow - Tuesday  25th April 2017 (afternoon) - A roadshow in school for Year 7s to explore drones, control systems and robotics

Current Competitions

The Bloodhound Project - Race for the Line - 16th March 2017. Our cars came 1st, 3rd and 4th - at least two cars should go to the regionals (date to be advised)
Bright Ideas Challenge - can you solve the future's energy crisis? Teams are 2-4 students and for all the resources you will need and further information, please see Mrs Gregson. For help with your entry go any Thursday after school to S2. Deadline for entries is Friday 21st April 2017 at 5pm
BAE Systems Challenge Day - Monday 27th April 2017 - a competition for some of our prospective Year 9 engineering students

Past Events

Spectroscopy in a Suitcase - 31st October 2016 - a team from Reading University demonstrated to the Year 11s a full working spectograph system and the chemistry behind it
RAF Roadshow - 28th November 2016 - a stunning show to Year 9s on Flight showing the fun that can be had with physics
Year 8 Girls to Siemens See Women STEM show at St. Nicholas' School
Fluor Technologies Inter-School Competition 2017
T = Aerospace 2066 - Results in - four winners from Court Moor
M=Pi Day (3.14)


Some STEM options available now:


  • Sew Awesome
  • GCSE Tech Open House


  • Sound Production


  • Computer Coding Club
  • GCSE Tech Open House


  • Science Club
  • Engineering Club


  • 3D Design Club

For a complete club list - look here.