The condensed school day which we operate ensures that there is plenty of time for regular extra-curricular activities.  A full list of these activities will be published HERE termly.  Parents and students are encouraged to keep a close eye on these lists and ensure that they plan as many activities as possible into their weekly schedule.  Any list of activities is most likely to include sports, such as netball and football. However, any such list is also likely to include drama, computer coding, parkour, sewing and lots of music activities - so there should be something for everyone!

To the students: Whatever your thing is – GET INVOLVED!  If you don’t know what your thing is yet, go and find it!

  Area Activity Venue Timings
Monday PE GCSE Dance Dining Hall 14:45-16:00
PE Mixed Cricket (Years 7-11) Astro 14:45-16:00
PE Athletics - throws, jumps, long distance, short distance (Years 7-11) Field 14:45-16:00
PE High Jump (Years 7-11) Gym 14:45-16:00
PE Mixed Parkour (Years 7-11) Gym  14:45-16:00
Technology Techno - Sew Awesome S2 14:45-16:00
Technology GCSE Tech Open House D4 14:45-15:45
Music Chamber Choir MU2 14:45-15:30
Music Court Moor Singers MU1 14:45-15:30
Art Art Club (Years 7-9) D3 14:35-15:30
Science GCSE Astronomy S6 14:45-16:45
Business Studies GCSE Business Studies F2 14:45-16:45
Maths GCSE Statistics M8 14:45-16:45
English AS Creative Writing M Block Conf Room 14:45-16:45
Art Art GCSE Catch-up (Years 10 & 11) D1/D3 14:30-16:30
MFL GCSE German Catch-up D9 14:30-15:15
English KS3 Poetry Club L3 14:45-15:30
Tuesday Music Rock School MU2/MU1 14:45-15:45
Music Sound Production TBC 14:45-15:45
FACCTS Oasis Club M7 14:30-15:45
Miscellaneous KS3 Homework Club L7 14:30-15:30
Miscellaneous Sign Language (Years7 & 8) F8 14:45-15:30
PE Mixed Bowmen Archery (Years 7-11) Field 14:45-16:00
Art Art GCSE Catch-up (Years 10 & 11) D1/D3 14:30-16:30
Wednesday Business Studies Young Enterprise (Year 10) F6 14:45-16:00
English Creative Writing  L5 14:30-15:30
Art Enrichment Clay Workshop D3 14:30-16:00
PE Rounders (Years 7-11) Field 14:45-16:00
PE Mixed Tennis (Years 7-11) Courts 14:45-16:00
Technology GCSE Tech Open House D4 14:45-15:45
Music  Junior Singers MU2 14:45-15:30
Music  Junior Chamber Choir MU1 14:45-15:30
Music String Ensemble MU1 08:00-08:35
Computing Computer Coding Club F7 14:45-15:30
RE GCSE RE Drop-in 
(Year 11)
M5 14:45-15:45
Art Art GCSE Catch-up (Years 10 & 11) D1/D3 14:30-16:30
Thursday PE Mixed Softball (Years 7-9) Astro 14:45-16:00
English Book Club (Years 7-9) Library 14:30-15:30
Music Concert Band MU1 14:45-15:30
Music Advanced Wind Ensemble MU2 14:45-15:30
Music Jazz Combo Practice Room 14:45-15:30
Music Percussion Ensemble Practice Room 14:45-15:30
Science  Science Club S8 14:45-15:30 Alternate Weeks
English English Drop-in (Years 7-9) L2 14:45-15:45
Miscellaneous War Gaming Club S6 14:45-15:45
RE GCSE RE Drop-in M6 14:45-15:45
Art Art GCSE Catch-up (Years 10 & 11) D1/D3 14:30-16:30
Miscellaneous Mock Court (Year 9) M2 14:30-15:45
MFL GCSE German Catch-up D9 14:30-15:15
Technology Cookery Club (Year 8) F5 14:30-16:00
Technology Engineering Club S2 14:45-15:45
Friday English Newspaper Club L7 1430-15:30
PE Duke of Edinburgh Award (Year 10) Dining Hall 14:45-16:00
Music  Brass Ensemble MU1 14:45-15:30
Art Art GCSE Catch-up (Years 10 & 11) D1/D3 14:30-16:30
Technology 3D Design Club (Years 7-11) The Centre 14:45-16:00
 Miscellaneous Chess Club M7 14:45-15:45