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Fluor Technologies Inter-Schools Competition 2017

Posted on: January 31st 2017Student Success +0 More

On 30th January 2017, five of our illustrious technology students, spent an anxious and fun evening at Fluor Technologies in Farnborough. Their challenge was to recreate a hydraulic system to move various coloured beads based upon the Philippine mountain rice paddies. They had a week to prepare and a single tense hour to make their design. Our students were against students from five other schools but they stayed calm, resolute and industrious. Unfortunately we didn’t win anything, as the most important bead got stuck!

Well done to Arianna Margetts, Lucas Holbeche, Thom Potz-Rayner, Charlotte Ryder and Nino Renelleau who took part. Also a special mention to those who helped with the design but couldn’t join in - Izzy Gibson and Adam Hine.

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