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Farnham Sculpture Park

Posted on: March 9th 2017School News +0 More

The Art & Design department led a successful trip to Farnham Sculpture Park in Churt, where they took this year’s photography students for a wacky walk on the wild side. With exemplary behaviour, the students embraced the original and highly creative sculptures based in the beautiful surrounding natural park habitat. Such settings provided unique photographic compositions as well as a lucky break in the weather forecast for a blue skies and sunny day. A special thanks goes to Mr Francis who helped accompany the trip and to all the students for making the day memorable and a most enjoyable experience for everyone.

Some quotes from the photography students.

"My favourite sculpture was the horses that were made from old dolls. I thought it was really unique and very creepy. I took great pictures with them in."

"My favourite type of sculptures were the 'out of place' ones - they were strange, unusual and interesting."

"I really enjoyed walking round taking photographs of some amazing sculptures. We also benefitted from amazing lighting enabling us to take well composed photographs."

"We were really lucky with the weather, especially when the sunlight lit up the glass sculptures."

"My favourite sculpture was the three horses made from random pieces. The weather was on our side, as the sun shone through the tress in some of my photographs."

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