Design and Technology

Welcome to the Design and Technology subject area. We currently offer GCSEs in Food Preparation and Nutrition, Engineering and the new Design and Technology GCSE which has been split into two distinct themes (material types) - Graphics and Resistant materials.

We are also still running the legacy GCSEs in Electronics, Graphic Products, R/M Product Design. These will end in the summer term 2018.

Please click non the download below to view our Curriculum Overview.

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Page Documents Date  
AQA GCSE Electronic Products 20th Nov 2015 Download
AQA GCSE Graphic Products 20th Nov 2015 Download
AQA GCSE Resistant Materials 20th Nov 2015 Download
Food and Nutrition Curriculum Overview 29th Sep 2016 Download
AQA GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition 17th Oct 2016 Download
Electronic Products Curriculum Overview 27th Jul 2015 Download
Resistant Materials Curriculum Overview 27th Jul 2015 Download
Graphics Curriculum Overview 08th Sep 2015 Download
DT KS3 Assessment Criteria 22nd Nov 2017 Download
GCSE Engineering Presentation 13th Mar 2017 Download
AQA GCSE Design and Technology 12th Jul 2017 Download
AQA GCSE Engineering 13th Mar 2017 Download

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