Examination Subjects on offer at KS4

All students are entered for public examinations at the end of Year 11 in those subjects, where their performance during the course justifies an expectation of success.  If a student is entered for an examination but then fails to produce adequate coursework for assessment or misses an examination without good reason, the cost of the entry will be charged to the parents. 

Where a student’s performance in a subject does not, in the school’s view, justify an examination entry, the parents may request a private entry at their own expense.  Should the candidate achieve a graded result, the cost of the entry will be refunded upon request.


Exam Subjects offered at KS4 Year 11 Year 10
  Board Syllabus Board Syllabus
Additional Science AQA 4408    
Art & Design AQA  4201 AQA 8201
Astronomy     Edexcel 2AS01
Biology AQA  4401 AQA 8461
Business Studies     Edexcel 2BS01
Catering WJEC 4732    
Chemistry AQA  4402 AQA 8462
Child Development  AQA 4580 Cambridge Nationals Level 1/2 Certificate J818
Combined Science: Trilogy     AQA 8464
Computing/ComputerScience OCR J275 OCR J276
Core Science AQA  4405    
Creative Writing (AS Level) AQA 2750 AQA 2750
Dance     AQA 8236
Drama AQA 4240 AQA 8261
Design & Technology Electronics AQA 4540 AQA 4540
Design & Technology Food  AQA 4545    
Design & Technology Graphic Products AQA 4550 AQA 4550
Design & Technology R/M Product Design  AQA 4560 AQA 4560
English Language AQA 8700 AQA 8700
English Literature AQA 8702 AQA 8702
Film Studies WJEC 500/3690/7    
Food preparation and nutrition     AQA 8585
French WJEC 4220 AQA 8658
Further Maths AQA 8360 AQA 8360
Geography Edexcel 5GA3 Eduqas (A) 601/8152/7
German WJEC 4260 AQA 8668
History OCR J418 OCR J410
Information & Communication Technology Edexcel 2IT02 Edexcel 2IT02
IT Application Skills (ECDL Certificate) BCS 600/6943/0    
Mathematics AQA 8300 AQA 8300
Music Edexcel 2MU01 Edexcel 1MU0
Philosophy and Ethics AQA 4055 WJEC SPEC A
Photography AQA 4206 AQA 8206
Physical Education Edexcel 2PE01 Edexcel 1PE0
Physics AQA  4403 AQA 8463
Public Services (BTEC First) Edexcel 601/0926/9    
Religious Education (full course) WJEC 4450    
Spanish WJEC 4520 AQA 8698
Sports Studies (Level 1/2 Certificate)     Cambridge Nationals J803/J813
Statistics Edexcel 2ST01 Edexcel 2ST01
Travel and Tourism (BTEC First)     Edexcel 600/6512/6